Teachers are the prime assets of any institution. The college has appointed duly qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty from the beginning of the establishment of the College:

 Well Equipped Laboratory:

The College has requisite “State of the Art” laboratories with necessary gas, water and electricity supply. The Institution has 12 nos. of sophisticated well equipped laboratories, with necessary instruments, glass wares and chemicals. The interior designs of the laboratories have been focused with modern architectures and acid resistant vitrified floor tiles on the top of working surface. The College is providing spectrometer & HPLC facilities for students, faculties & others also, besides other equipments.

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 Library & E-Library:

The library is very rich in collection of books and journals related to pharmacy & allied health sciences.

At present there are 7500 books and 810 titles in the library, books are published by the renowned Indian and overseas publishers and 10 Nos National / 05 Nos International journals have enriched the library as regular subscription. Apart from issuing of books for residents, reading room facility is also provided for instant and general reference as per college rules.

The College is providing E-Library & 10 No’s E-Journals facilities for students, faculties & others also.

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 Class Rooms:

The class rooms are digitally equipped with L.C.D & O.H.P. The rooms are well ventilated and have good seating arrangement for students. The College is also providing tutorial rooms facilities as required in the norms of AICTE.

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 Computer Laboratory:

The college has set up a modern computer laboratory with a terminal student ratio 1:1 each node equipped with P-IV processor, Writer and requisite number of printers. All nodes are configured under on LAN and they are ready for broadband internet. In this year 2008, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology (M.A.K.A.U.T.), Salt Lake City , Kolkata has set up latest developed satellite communication audio visual system, SIT (developed by B.E.L., I.S.R.O. & W.E.B.E.L.) which came in great use for students, staff for the purpose of seminars and workshops.

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 Canteen :

The College has a canteen to cater the basic needs of the staff & students. The internal environment of the canteen is very hygienic; meals and Tiffin are provided at justified rate.
Reprographic (Xerox) facility is also available in adjacent to library, at a very cheaper rate

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 Others Facilities:

As required the College is providing Animal House for students approved by Committee for the Purpose of Control and Supervision of Experiments on Animals (CPCSEA), also providing Medicinal Garden facilities for learning of students. This garden has adequate medicinal plants. Further the college has a museum of Pharmaceutical products & related learning items.

Besides this, the campus is under CCTV surveillance. Chilled drinking water & also aqua guards are available in campus for all. Students are informed by digital board for academic & related matters. The College has SMS System to provide the basic needs & information of the Students, Parents & Staff. The campus in under Fire Safety Protection also. Reprographic (Xerox) facility is also at the very cheaper rate

The College is providing Wi-Fi facilities for students, faculties & others also.

Students are awarding scholarship like WBFS, Minority (renewal & fresh), Jindal Foundation, & Governments Scholarships at different point of times.

The College has a provision in awarding the “Atul Krishna Dutta Memorial Award” to few meritorious students.

BCDA College of Pharmacy & Technology is proud of, for its dedicated faculty members, who are special caring towards academics related activities.

The College has its provision to organize Parents / Guardian – College Authority Meeting, minimum one in each semester and attending of that meeting encourage the academic performance of students for best placement.

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