Strict Discipline & Warning :

Each and every students of the college is required to follow the General Rules & Regulations of Discipline of the college in order to maintain a healthy academic environment in the campus. In depth & detailed rules of the college is highly recommended below:

  1. The student should behave in decent manners and professional way both in the college and outside of the college to uphold the dignity of the college, as well their family.
  2. Student should always be present in their classes while the classes are on. They should not waste their time when the classes are on progress. Those found violating these conditions will face due disciplinary action.
  3. Ragging in any form on any student inside or outside the campus is strictly prohibited, by the anti-ragging Act of West Bengal Govt., MAKAUT and UGC, AICTE & PCI, New Delhi. If any incident of ragging comes to the notice of the College authority, as per provision of the acts, the College authority would lodge FIR in local P.S., which will be followed by the provision of acts as laid down for ANTI-RAGGING COMMITTEE (ARC), and will lead to strict necessary actions as guided by the Acts and norms of AICTE, UGC, and PCI including expulsion from the college. The decision of the anti-ragging/disciplinary committee regarding all the matters respectively will be final.
  4. Student should maintain silence, peace & harmony in the college campus.
  5. Student should carry their student identity and Library card with them and produce the same when needed. No book will be issued from the library without valid library cards. These cards should be properly kept to prevent damages/loss. A fresh card may be issued in case of lost, with the fine as fixed up by the college authority from time to time.
  6. Absolute silence should be maintained in the library. Library book should be handled carefully and the book issued to be returned on time to keep the books on rotation. If any book is found damaged by any student the cost of book with penalty will be collected from the concerned student. In this regard they should read the library rules from the day of entry in the library of the College.
  7. During the practical classes in the laboratory, student must put on ‘clean white aprons’ and protect their feet with shoes, student should keep their work tables neat and clean and carry out the practical systematically with proper attention. Practical’s record should be maintained affably and submitted regularly to the concern faculty of the laboratory.
  8. Student should bring their own fractional weight box, calculator, scale, scissors etc., to the practical classes as required and directed by the teachers.
  9. Each and every student is required to maintain a clean & healthy environment. Spitting on the walls or chewing gums and smoking are totally prohibited.
  10. Each and every student should pay proper attention to safeguard the property of the college. Electrical, electric and other appliances like fans, switches, lights, instrument, equipment etc. and the furniture should be properly handled to prevent damage. Any damage caused will attract fines and the damage items will have to be replaced /repaired by the concerned individuals or by all the students of the particular batch or class as applicable.
  11. Cycles/Scooters/Vehicles should be parked in the notified place only in the proper order and position. Improper parking will lead to disciplinary action.
  12. The student may contact the Administrative Officer (A.O.) in case of any difficulty. They may see the Principal whenever necessary with prior appointment after discussing with the A.O. concerned.
  13. Student should not indulge themselves in any such activities that may hamper the day to day work and reputation of college.
  14. Student should be obedient to the teachers, staff, authorities, management and maintain good rapport with staff and fellow students.
  15. No payment should be made under any circumstances to any staff member of the college without official demand and proper receipt; unauthorized payment will lead to disciplinary action against all the parties involved.
  16. All dues/fees must be paid within the stipulated time to avoid fines/detention etc. failure to clear the dues in time will result in removal of name from the rolls. Re-admission may be considered on payment of re-admission fees of Rs. 5000/-. The deadlines for such payment without fine are month of July & January respectively for odd and even semesters.
  17. Student should appear in all the examinations at the centers/places as fixed by the University on their own arrangement of travel, lodging and boarding etc., if so required.
  18. Strict discipline should be observed in all the examination including the class test. Violation of examination rules and discipline shall lead to disciplinary action that may involve debarring the candidate from appearing at the examinations or rustication from the college.
  19. Parents are required to see that their ward attend classes and examinations regularly.

Any other general rules of discipline as applicable to educational institution shall be applicable or amended in addition to the above mentioned rules of the college.


Switch off your Mobile Phone in the College Campus

You are under CCTV surveillance

Dress Code

The students are strictly required to attend the college in prescribed uniform only, violation of which will attract disciplinary actions. The dress codes for boys are light blue shirt, navy blue trouser, matching neck-tie and black shoes. The same for girls are sky blue kameez and navy blue salwar or navy blue pants and sky blue shirt. The student can get them tailored /stitched from the college approved suppliers for the sake of uniformity & less expenses.

Depart from the campus

Students are not allowed to go out of the college campus during college hours. However, under pressing situations or for valid reasons, concerned students can go out of the campus gate after obtaining permission in written issued by the principal’s office with consent of the parents.


Attendance of at least 80% is mandatory in theory and tutorial, 85% for practical classes, failing which; those students would be debarred from appearing in slot & semester examination as per MAKAUT & PCI norms.


The students at their leisure would have the opportunity to explore the hidden talents in the field of games & sports, to encourage harmony within the students. Sports like Cricket, Football, Carom, Table tennis, etc. are organized, Saraswati Puja is celebrated in a gala, Seminar & NPW etc. organized every year as a part of routine program of academic calendar.

Discontinuation of students in case of transfer:

If any students opt for discontinuation of his/her studies, after completion of registration under affiliating University MAKAUT, he/she has to clear up his/her tuition and other fees (if there is any), for all the four years or remaining year(s) till the completion of the course. Only on payment of the balance tuition and other fees, he/she would be released from the course. Apart from that he/she required to give declaration in the specific format that he/she has no further claim to the seat, in any circumstance in future and payment made would be forfeited.


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