“I AM PHARMACIST” - Author Unknown

  • I am a specialist in medications.
  • I supply medicines and Pharmaceuticals to those who need them.
  • I prepare and compound special dosage forms.
  • I control the storage and preservation of all medications in my care.
  • I am a custodian of medical information.
  • My library is a ready source of drug knowledge.
  • My files contain thousands of specific drug names and tens of thousands of facts about them.
  • My records include the medication and health history of entire families.
  • My journals and meetings report advances in pharmacy from around the world.
  • I am a companion of the physician.
  • I am a partner in the case of every patient who takes any kind of medication.
  • I am a consultant on the merits of different therapeutic agents.
  • I am the connecting link between physician and patient and the final check on the safety of medicines.                                         
  • I am a counselor to the patient.
  • I help the patient understand and proper use of prescription medication.
  • I assist in the patient's choice of nonprescription drugs or in the decision to consult a physician.
  • I advice the patient on matters of prescription storage and potency.
  • I am a guardian of the public health.
  • My pharmacy is a center for health care information.
  • I encourage and promote sound personal health practices.
  • My services are available to all at all the times.
  • This is my calling. This is my pride.


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